Disability Creative Center “Mazi Mporoume”


We aim at the creative employment of children and adolescents with disabilities and the right use of their leisure time.

Few about Mazi Mporoume 

The Disability Creative Center “Together We Can” started its operation in September 2016, by the Parents’ Association of Parents and Friends of Autism in Rethymnon. There is a structured and organized educational and creative work program for benefiting children with special educational needs, aged 4 to 17. This program aims at the creative employment of children and adolescents and in the proper use of their free time, with the ultimate goal of course , the social integration of people with disabilities, the support of their families and the improvement of their quality of life.

Mazi Mporoume meens Volunteering 

The Creative Center about Disabled People called Mazi Mporoume can be a team that we want to build on volunteering. Our goal is to help ourselves and the people we love and to help them join society.

Financial Aid Account

The Association of Parents of People with Autism of Rethymnon asks for your support for the organization of the professional employment laboratory in the Social Hangout for the Disabled of Rethymnon.

Our goal is to work for people with autism and mental disabilities.
Our dream is a better quality life for people with disabilities without social exclusion!

Piraeus Bank
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The Creative Employment Center

Through external programs, it sets a long-term and long-term goal of interacting with the community by working not only on the part of integration but also on raising awareness of people with special educational needs.

The Center is staffed by a specialist pedagogue, psychologist, trainer, physiotherapist, speech therapist, special assistant and social worker. Each of the professionals works by serving his / her specialty and for the best interests of the child. Frequent interdisciplinary teams are held at fortnightly frequency.